St. Luke's

Reformed Episcopal Church




The Memorial Garden of St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church

In 2004 the Vestry of St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church set aside for perpetuity, and had consecrated, a portion of its grounds for the purpose of interring the cremated remains of its parishioners and their loved ones, if so desired. Our memorial garden provides us with a convenient, yet quiet place to remember our departed.

What is the purpose of our memorial garden?

The purpose of the Memorial Garden is to provide a place of tranquility for remembrance, reflection, and for the interment of ashes.

Who may be interred in the Memorial Garden?

Members and friends of St. Luke’s Church may be interred in the memorial garden.

At our Memorial Garden all cremated remains are buried in unmarked locations among God's vegetative beauty. The names of those interred are listed on a bronze plaque located within the garden. The garden is cared for by parishioners and funded by fees for internment as well as by donations.

For those interested in making plans for their own interments, or for making arrangements for others, please contact the church by phone at 908-464-1945.